Wednesday, 8 February 2012

From Liverpool To Canada

Yep that's right folks we have now officially moved from good old Liverpool to Canada (and yep we mean the country that takes 9 hours to get too) xxx

Wehave loved every minute of serving the North West of England, but the time had come for us a family to spread our wings and try something new (and some things not so new)

So will Eye Candy be finished or become the Phoenix from the ashes - a Phoenix of course !! We love what we do and could not bear to think of our lovely glassware become vases or storage pots - that will never do...

so for the time being until we work on a new website and re-develop our blog page you can find all of our updates on our facebook!/ as always which will be updated pretty much 24/7 as and when it needs to be so for now goodbye and see you on the other side, with a cupcake in hand and a bowl full of jelly bellies :) xxxx

(apologies but have seemed to have turned on the french keys on Glyns laptop and cant turn them off so very bad grammar at the moment)

Friday, 19 August 2011

Cupcakes Cupcakes everywhere !!!!

Yes that's right we have finally decided to introduce our long awaited yummy cupcake ranges.

We have had so many requests to offer these alongside our Candy Buffets that we really couldn't say no xx

We can do vanilla, chocolate, carrot, citurs (mix of lemon and orange or have them separate) so many more in a stunning array of colours and designs.

If you want to have a taster then just drop us a line or come along to The Wedding House in Liverpool (3-4 Great George Place, L1 7AG) where we have our Candy Buffets and Cupcakes on display - fresh cupcakes are made weekly for a weekend nibble xx We will provide you with a full update very soon but we just wanted to stop by and say hi for today x In the meantime we will leave you with a few tasty pictures xx

Monday, 28 February 2011

Ribby Hall Wedding Boutique, Nr Blackpool

Well as you know we were invited to attend the Ribby Hall Wedding Boutique Open Day on the 27th Feb and we are so glad we said yes please !!!

After a short drive up the M6 (so easy to find the place, all I had to remember was come off at J32 get onto the M55 and keep going left until signposted- well something like that but it was found with no probs). As I arrived at the Woodlands suite I was greeted by a lovely sight DUCKS !!!

I love seeing things like this, it reminds me off, the drive down the East Lancs Road, Nr Leigh where the little farm has all the chickens running around loose, but I am digressing, back to Ribby Hall x
I started setting up The Candy Buffet ready for the happy couples to-be, to have a look and taster if they so wished. We had Kola Kubes, Popcorn (and ready made cones filled), BonBons, Lollipop Trees, our exclusive Topiary Cupcake Tree, Strawberries dipped in Chocolate tree, favour items, water bottles and my new fav Chocolate Squiggle trees.

The day went really well and it was lovely speaking to everyone and sharing their enthusiasm for fun and what we at Eye Candy can offer and are all about. Again our Exclusive Topiary Trees were a big hit despite them now being copied already, but hey we were expecting it and we are happy knowing that we can hold our heads high regardless x

Exhibiting on the day were Emma Draper Make up, Isabella Boutique, Dreamcatcher Bridal Wear (just look below for complete WOWO !!!) wedding cakes, Flower Design Florists, hairdresser, stationer, cupcakes, magicians, stilt walkers, photographers - phew !!! All of these people were lovely and had fabulous tables, Ribby Hall really did know how to entice the happy couples to be.

Ribby Hall itself is just stunning as a wedding venue and we at Eye Candy are happy to recommend anyone looking for a venue with wow factor to head straight to Ribby Hall and their wedding team who are all really lovely people x
The day finished with the most UH-Mazing fashion show by Dreamcatcher Designer Bridal Wear (based in Preston). I cannot even begin to say how many favourite dresses I had I lost count and I took well over a 100 photos I know this because I had delete half of them of my phone and I still have at least 54 on there. Because of their gorgeousness and all round loveliness Dreamcatcher Designer Bridalwear is our recommended venue of choice for brides, you will not be disappointed just have a look below and you will see what we mean xxx

Blog again soon sweeties !!! xx

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

All About Us !!!!

We are Kirsty, Jodie and Paula and lovers of all things creative. Our style is fun, unique, passionate, random, creative and all about enjoying life and what we do (and yes we are all a bit sweet too).
Between us we have four children aged between 11 and 1, three dogs and have a combined age of 101 !!! Oh my (Kirsty's fav film as a little girl is 101 Dalmatians how mad is that (you could also use this random fact as a clue to our age at the moment if you really fancy working it out !!)). We are based in the lively city of Liverpool and cover the region of the North West and Wiltshire at present (but we can travel to other regions if you ask us nicely).
Eye Candy was created in 2010 and have provided parties for birthdays, baby showers and the Liverpool Style Awards 2010 hosted by Juice FM Radio Station - oh yes our first year has really set the benchmark for 2011 !!!
We really do love what we do and that is why we also dress our tables, we will not scrimp on things like our lollipop trees like some other providers (nothing worse than a bare looking tree on your table top). Now this may seem silly to you but to us it is a matter of pride for our company and what we do, respect for you our client (that is why we are also insured for your security) and wanting to deliver nothing but the BEST LOOKING CANDY BUFFET table around. But don't worry this energetic pride and wanting comes free of charge for every party and event!!
You can contact us via
07981 133430
Don't forget to stop by our Facebook page xx

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tickled Trout Preston, Wedding Fair, 6th Feb 2011

We were delighted to be asked by our good baking friend Lesley from Cupcakes in the City to join her at the Tickled Trout hotel Wedding Fair. We arrived at 10:00 for a 12:00 start, and was delighted that we were able to use two tables beside each other which worked best for us to show of our new joint creations such as the Cupcake Topiary Tree and Cupcake bouquet.

We had on display the Cupcake Topiary Tree which I can tell you was a joy to watch everyone's face and jaws drop when they saw it as they entered the room, our Lollipop Tree which was a real talker and a joy to hear you all say how your partners and friends would love them. Also spread around were party favours, sample Candy Buffet table, centrepiece items and plus my personal favourite our Tea Tags showing the story of my life with my gorgeous family from when we met until now x I would also like to do a quick thank you to my lovely other half who took time out from work to call in for a magical 5 minutes to see us all set up it was truly lovely xx
We also had lots of fun meeting the other suppliers who were sharing the room with us and you can find their links on our Favourites page as they truly deserve a place there. Plus we are looking forward to working with the photographer in the very near future to help support a show he is putting together for the Help for Heroes charity which is one that we always support whenever we can as it is a charity extremely close to our hearts x

We hope you love the few pics we managed to take as we were too busy talking to you all coming through the door and we had such a fun time meeting you all and look forward to helping your next event memorable with a little bit of Eye Candy sweetness x

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Thanks for stopping by x

Greetings to you lovers of parties and all things candy !!!
We are EYE CANDY, your fun and unique provider of Candy Buffets
(thats the posh word for Sweet Tables ;))
So do we really need to tell you all about Candy Buffets -
Hell yes we love talking about them !!
Jelly Bellies, flying saucers, marshmallows, M&Ms, smarties, freddo bars, popcorn, golf balls, lollipops, lollipop trees, candy floss, fizzy and sours, soft and chewy the list is as endless as your sweet memory.
We will use the sweets that you love and then work our magic and display them in creative and gorgeous ways. We use gorgeous glass jars, vases and glasses to display the sweets and decorate the table to your request. Having just a colour theme for your event then let us know and we can provide sweets in your chosen colours only to compliment your theme.
As standard for all tables, we also make stationery to compliment your buffet table so your guests will not only be drooling over your candy but also drooling with how it looks
our tables really are dressed to impress.
We are a crafty bunch of chicks and the majority of items that you will see displayed on our inspiration boards and gallery are also made by us, tailored to your requests.
But that is not all we do, we also provide a service of helping you organise your event and we will create an inspiration board after a consultation, showing you items that can be used to make your event / party have even more of that all important WOW factor.
Do you need to leave us now ? Ok we will let you - but in the meantime you can catch all of our updates via twitter @weloveeyecandy or find and like us on xx
Sweet dreams to you all xxx