Wednesday, 8 February 2012

From Liverpool To Canada

Yep that's right folks we have now officially moved from good old Liverpool to Canada (and yep we mean the country that takes 9 hours to get too) xxx

Wehave loved every minute of serving the North West of England, but the time had come for us a family to spread our wings and try something new (and some things not so new)

So will Eye Candy be finished or become the Phoenix from the ashes - a Phoenix of course !! We love what we do and could not bear to think of our lovely glassware become vases or storage pots - that will never do...

so for the time being until we work on a new website and re-develop our blog page you can find all of our updates on our facebook!/ as always which will be updated pretty much 24/7 as and when it needs to be so for now goodbye and see you on the other side, with a cupcake in hand and a bowl full of jelly bellies :) xxxx

(apologies but have seemed to have turned on the french keys on Glyns laptop and cant turn them off so very bad grammar at the moment)