Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tickled Trout Preston, Wedding Fair, 6th Feb 2011

We were delighted to be asked by our good baking friend Lesley from Cupcakes in the City to join her at the Tickled Trout hotel Wedding Fair. We arrived at 10:00 for a 12:00 start, and was delighted that we were able to use two tables beside each other which worked best for us to show of our new joint creations such as the Cupcake Topiary Tree and Cupcake bouquet.

We had on display the Cupcake Topiary Tree which I can tell you was a joy to watch everyone's face and jaws drop when they saw it as they entered the room, our Lollipop Tree which was a real talker and a joy to hear you all say how your partners and friends would love them. Also spread around were party favours, sample Candy Buffet table, centrepiece items and plus my personal favourite our Tea Tags showing the story of my life with my gorgeous family from when we met until now x I would also like to do a quick thank you to my lovely other half who took time out from work to call in for a magical 5 minutes to see us all set up it was truly lovely xx
We also had lots of fun meeting the other suppliers who were sharing the room with us and you can find their links on our Favourites page as they truly deserve a place there. Plus we are looking forward to working with the photographer in the very near future to help support a show he is putting together for the Help for Heroes charity which is one that we always support whenever we can as it is a charity extremely close to our hearts x

We hope you love the few pics we managed to take as we were too busy talking to you all coming through the door and we had such a fun time meeting you all and look forward to helping your next event memorable with a little bit of Eye Candy sweetness x

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