Friday, 19 August 2011

Cupcakes Cupcakes everywhere !!!!

Yes that's right we have finally decided to introduce our long awaited yummy cupcake ranges.

We have had so many requests to offer these alongside our Candy Buffets that we really couldn't say no xx

We can do vanilla, chocolate, carrot, citurs (mix of lemon and orange or have them separate) so many more in a stunning array of colours and designs.

If you want to have a taster then just drop us a line or come along to The Wedding House in Liverpool (3-4 Great George Place, L1 7AG) where we have our Candy Buffets and Cupcakes on display - fresh cupcakes are made weekly for a weekend nibble xx We will provide you with a full update very soon but we just wanted to stop by and say hi for today x In the meantime we will leave you with a few tasty pictures xx

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